Upcoming Seminar: Ethics and Professionalism for Investigators

Presented by Charles A. “Chad” Weinstein

Wednesday, June 30th from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

This training is free to all attendees.

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Congratulations to Trenton Krueger of Eagan for being awarded the Police Science Scholarship, and Jacob Mundale of Owatonna for being awarded the Pagels Engineering Scholarship! 

Dear MNIASIU Members: 

As a board, we hope that our members are staying safe and healthy.  The board of MNIASIU strives to provide you, our members with pertinent and useful training and networking to use in your respective careers.  For several months we as a board have consulted on what we can do to fulfill our purpose which is:

  1. To promote a coordinated effort within the industry to combat insurance fraud.
  2. To provide education and training for insurance and law enforcement investigators.
  3. To develop greater awareness of the insurance fraud problem.
  4. To encourage high professional standards of conduct among insurance investigators.
  5. To support legislation which would act as a deterrent to the crime of insurance fraud.
  6. To cooperate with law enforcement and criminal justice agencies in the investigation and prosecution of insurance fraud crimes.

Given how the world has changed, we find ourselves having to adapt in many aspects of work and personal life.  While we work on how we will adapt as a board, MNIASIU also had to make the decision to not hold our annual Fall Seminar.

In the meantime, rather than attempt to re-invent what others have successfully done, and in lieu of our seminar, we have vetted some free online/virtual training and will alert our members via our website to upcoming training.

Please consider the following resources for training:

www.iasiu.org The International Association of Special Investigator Units (IASIU) provides Webinars and Continuing Education Credit opportunities through the Webinars and SIU Today online magazine quizzes.  IASIU is also holding their annual seminar virtually with

https://nicta.inquisiqlms.com/ National Insurance Crime Training Academy (NICTA)’s robust curriculum encompasses a wide variety of Continuing Education (CE) producing courses covering topics related to fraud schemes, detection and investigation. NICTA offers 40 on-demand and virtual webinars that will assist you in maintaining both consistent and high level fraud awareness. In addition, as an IASIU member, you now have access to the IASIU catalog of 12 CE credited on-demand courses. Available through IASIU.org.

https://www.plrb.org/ Property & Liability Resource Bureau (PLRB) provides Property related Legal Updates and Educational Opportunities. 

https://mifpa.org/ Midwest Insurance Fraud Prevention Association(MIFPA) is an organization dedicated to expanding and developing understanding in the detection, prevention, and prosecution of health, life, worker’s compensation, and disability insurance fraud.  MIFPA is providing an upcoming webinar on ethics. 

www.nicb.org National Insurance Crime Bureau Learning and Development (NICB) partners with NICTA and provides FraudSmart sessions virtually. 

 Finally; given the nature of SIU we must remain adaptable.  Working remotely means the ability to work in States that the insurance company previously may not have had a field presence.   Some states require an adjusters license.  The University of Central Florida/Florida Insurance University offers an Accredited Claims Adjuster course in order to become an All Lines Adjuster.  The remaining states that require licensing are reciprocal of the Florida License.  Please look into obtaining your Florida All Lines Adjuster license to expand your knowledge and more importantly, your relevance in today’s ever changing environment.  More information is available at: https://www.ce.ucf.edu/Program/Accredited-Claims-Adjuster-Designation-Adjuster-License This is a fee based course so please consult with your manager prior to enrolling. 

 It is my understanding that the following states require adjusters to be licensed. Disclaimer, this may not be all encompassing;  Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Texas, Vermont, Wyoming. 

 Stay Healthy and Safe,

 Respectfully, the MNIASIU Board. 



The MNIASIU is a local Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigation Units located in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota.  Started in 1993 by a handful of dedicated individuals, we celebrated our 25th year in 2018! We encourage SIU professionals, Law Enforcement, and State and Local Agencies to join our organization to share education and training, develop greater awareness of insurance fraud issues, support legislation that acts as a deterrent to insurance fraud and share best practices among industry professionals.

Courtesy of the Insurance Federation

Membership with our Chapter requires that you are a member, in good-standing, of the IASIU.

We look forward to having your join and participate in the activities of the Minnesota Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigation Units.

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